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This network was created by Heather Jo Flores, to bring together participants from Permaculture Women’s Guild, Food Not Lawns, the #freepermaculture programs, and associated parties of earth-centered humans who love plants.

Inside, you will learn how to harness renewable energy, plan for disaster, and grow your own food, even if you rent or live in a city.

You will learn how to find resources no matter where you live, and how to envision and create a healthy home system with organic gardens and regenerative innovations that you have designed to suit your circumstances.

You will learn how to think like an ecosystem, and how to mimic patterns in nature so that your garden, home, family, and community can all be more healthy and abundant!

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Please feel free to join forums, promote your projects, make local connections, and participate in the courses in whichever way works best for your individual situation. Everyone is welcome!

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